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Join Us

Thank you for your interest in participating in Virtual Japan Fair 2021!

Please read this entire page for the details.

Mission of Japan Fair

To nurture and promote the traditional and modern cultural arts of Japan. We strive to celebrate Japan’s heritage while also sharing new trends in today’s Japan.

Vision Statement of the Virtual Japan Fair 2021

Virtual Japan Fair 2021 will focus on supporting and encouraging communities by spotlighting Japanese art, food, and cultural uniqueness in this difficult time.
We hope to have many exhibitors with motivating and innovative ideas to share with virtual Japan Fair visitors. 


How will the event be held in 2021?

Japan Fair 2021 will be held virtually on June 26th.
Japan Fair has always been a lively, active gathering, but for this year, the Virtual Japan Fair will bring our exhibitor’s enthusiasm to visitors’ homes.

Organization information will be listed

  • Name of organization

  • Logo

  • URL of website


  • YouTube Live Streaming with MC

  • Programs hosted by Japan Fair

  • Announcement of upcoming programs and seminars at the Video Premiering Channel and Live Zoom Sessions (including playing short introduction videos)

  • Live interaction with visitors through chat/comments

Main Live Stream by Japan Fair


Options Participants can select from:

Video Premiering Channel

  • Your full video will be played on the Japan Fair YouTube channel as scheduled

    • Examples: pre-recorded performances, panel discussions, interviews, commentaries, presentations, and combinations of any of those
  • Videos will be available for viewing later

  • Comments from visitors/viewers enabled

    • No live interaction with visitors

  • Video Submission due is April 30th.

  • Organization information will be listed on the website

Live Zoom Sessions

  • Zoom Meetings hosted by Japan Fair

  • Each program is facilitated/run by the organization

  • Visitors must register

  • Live interaction with visitors including voice and chat messaging
    *not recommended for organizations unfamiliar with Zoom

  • Organization information will be listed on the website


Who can participant?

We welcome all organizations (NPO and non-NPO) and individuals who 

  • support Japan Fair's Mission and Vision Statement

  • have strong relation with Japanese culture

What can participants present?

You are welcome to share the cultural uniqueness of your activities, merchandise, and services with visitors at Japan Fair. How is your activity, merchandise, or service related to Japan, and how does it help Japan Fair’s mission?

Japan Fair is operated by ASUNARO, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please limit promotion of products and services with prices.

  • Introduce of your organization

  • Explain the background and cultural uniqueness of the products/services

  • You can share the link to your website* (which may include your product information)

*(optional) It is acceptable to mention your own Virtual Japan Fair special promotion.


  • Promote specific products/services with prices.


How to Apply

Click the button below to submit an application form to participate in Virtual Japan Fair 2021 by March 31st!*

  • Website only (Name and Logo)

  • Video Premier Channel

  • Live Zoom Session

*Participation is guaranteed after the application is reviewed and confirmed by Japan Fair.

Here is a 3 minute video of how to apply Virtual Japan Fair 2021!

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