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Enjoy Performances on the main stage and the lobby

We are a judo dojo (club) that was established in 1968 in Seattle, Washington.

Cabin Choir

Cabin Choir is an easy-going women’s choir that evolved out of a group of moms with little ones in pre-school. Our members span a wide range of ages and always have fun singing together. Anyone who’d like to join, is welcome!

At Cascade Kendo Kai we aim to build an inclusive yet rigorous environment of learning and self reflection. ​We share our present understanding of kendo through a unique Japanese-American perspective while paying homage to the values and spirit of the pioneering kendo sensei who came before us.

Echo Chorus

Echo Chorus is a women’s choir on the east side that’s been singing Japanese songs for over 30 years. Anyone who speaks Japanese and likes to sing is welcome—we’re looking for new members!

The Evergreen Glee Club (EGC) is a 4-part Men's chorus group with a diverse repertoire of primarily songs in the Japanese language ranging from old classical through J-pop and anime. EGC participates actively within the Seattle/Puget Sound regions's large community festivals including Japan Fair, Japan Week @Bellevue College, Japan America Society of the State of Washington events, Figgy Pudding Holiday choral contest and have performed in large venues like Safeco Field before Mariner's games as well as Sakura-Con.

Japanese Choral Groups in Seattle Joint Stage (EGC/Sound Singers/Cabin Choir/Echo Chorus)

A special joint stage of four chorus groups for Japan Fair.

KIMONO ART provides rental kimonos, dress-up services, photography, kimono cleaning and repair services supervised by Yu Ugawa, a kimono master dedicated to reviving Japan’s national costume and introducing it to the next generation. We will hold a kimono show at this Japan Fair to share the beauty of kimonos with the world and promote the development of kimono culture for future generations.

Music of Remembrance (MOR) & Nisei Veterans Committee (NVC)

Music has so much power to impact our lives. Sometimes it is through memories, and sometimes it has a message to the future. Introducing a recently passed Japanese musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto, we will bring Mina Miller from Music of Remembrance (MOR), and Allen Nakamoto from Nisei Veterans Committee (NVC). We introduce the work and mission of MOR and NVC to keep their stories. Yuki Hashimori will join us with her violin performance of Akatonbo. 

Seattle Necchu(シアトル熱中)is a school for adults who look to rediscover the enjoyment of learning, broaden their horizon, learn from experts of the field, or just simply make new friends and connections.

We are a local Okinawan taiko group dedicated to teaching the younger generation our culture. Our group is made up of approximately 30 active multi-generational performers from Olympia, Yelm, Tacoma, Seattle, Port Orchard, and Oak harbor areas. Members' ages range from toddlers to older adults. Each of our members has their own unique background; some from Okinawa and others local to Washington state. ​We fuse traditional Okinawa music with traditional Okinawa dance routines, chanting, and drumming. Our performances include other traditional Okinawan instruments such as the Sanshin and Koto.

The School of TAIKO was founded in 2009 by professional Japanese Taiko Drummer Ringtaro Tateishi who was former member of ONDEKOZA, and co-founder Asako Tateishi who is event coordinator and was former official race announcer of the Suzuka Circuit, Japan. Both of them had performed at EPCOT Center of Walt Disney World, FL. At the School of TAIKO, you can enjoy the Taiko drumming at the level which suits your dreams, from beginners to semi-professionals, with a program that allows you to step up comfortably.

Seattle Kokon Taiko (SKT) is Washington’s first performing taiko ensemble. Taiko is a dynamic synthesis of rhythm, movement and spirit originating in Japan and evolving as a folk art over the last several hundred years. In Seattle Kokon Taiko, we try to combine the ancient with the modern; our repertoire is a mix of traditional pieces and contemporary compositions. SKT is based in the local Japanese American community and has performed at schools, arts festivals, street fairs, community programs, corporate events and in concert throughout Washington and Oregon. Through taiko, we hope to contribute to the development of a uniquely Japanese American art form –Japanese in origin, American in expression– that weaves threads of continuity between generations and builds bridges of understanding among people of all nationalities and walks of life.

Shintokan Dojo  神稲館道場

Shintokan has been in Seattle since 1995. We practice Japanese classic Martial arts.

Sound Singers

We are a Japanese mixed choir from north of Seattle founded in 2009.

Shinichiro Takahashi/Tensushi 30 years of sushi experience and active owner-chef. He owns 4 stores in Seattle. Tensushi celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, so we are selling 10th anniversary $10 sushi, ramen, curry, and bento boxes all day long! until 3:00 a.m.

Dance school in Bellevue. Class available for toddler to adult.

In 1973, Sensei André Dulce (8th Degree Black Belt) founded the Washington Shotokan Association in Bellevue, Washington after having trained under Kancho Kenneth Funakoshi in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dulce Sensei's friendly teaching style and his love for serving families and the Eastside community led to WSA becoming one of the largest and most successful martial arts schools in the country. What makes Washington Shotokan Association so special is our amazing students and teaching staff. 100 percent of our instructors volunteer their time to teach and "give back" by helping our students achieve their health and martial arts goals. Over our 45 years of serving Bellevue and the Eastside community, we have touched the lives of thousands of students and their families, and have promoted over 100 students to the ranks of Black Belt, including our most senior instructors. Washington Shotokan Association is led by an experienced team of twelve senior instructors (4th degree Black Belts and above), who represent over four centuries of Shotokan Karate Experience. In addition, WSA is affiliated with the worldwide Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association led by Founder Shihan Kyle Funakoshi, son of founder Kancho Kenneth Funakoshi. Many of our students have made WSA their second family and have incorporated the WSA experience into their daily lives and are amazing people.

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MC: Tomo Hoku Angie



Tomo (AKA Hoku) has been a bilingual emcee for many years in both Hawaii and Seattle, doing various events involving Hawaiian music, hula, sports, information technology and/or food & hospitality industries. Tomo works freelance as an interpreter and translator as well as a tour coordinator, in greater Seattle area as well as all around the world. And as if those gigs aren't keeping her busy enough, she also fulfills her creative interests by being a recording artist for Hindi-Japanese songs, and also by posing as a model at sessions and ateliers such as Gage Academy of Art. She would like to connect with her audience, with her motto from Mother Teresa’s quote: “Peace begins with a smile.”

Tomo “Hoku” Angie


トモ(Hoku)は、ハワイ、シアトル、日本を拠点に、バイリンガル司会者として、ハワイアン音楽やフラ、各種文化&スポーツイベント、IT産業やフード&ホスピタリティ業界の分野で、ステージから笑顔を送っています。通訳者&翻訳者としてのキャリアも長く、またツアー・コーディネータとして、様々な地域にて観光業務に携わっています。クリエィティブな分野では、オリジナル・ソング・シンガーとしてインドやシアトルでレコーディグを重ねている他、美術学校やアトリエ・セッションでのモデルとしても活躍中です。自身が尊敬する、マザー・テレサの言葉「Peace begins with a smile – 平和は微笑みから始まる」をモットーに、たくさんの方と繋がって行きたいと願っています。

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