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Cosplay Show Special Awards 2022

Partnership with Sakura-Con

Sakura-Con Awards

Sakura-Con Award 170928981_1441586896174783_4917783436239582791_n.jpg



Lillia Spirit Blossom​

The centaur design really caught me eye from the wig work to the prop to the overall construction was very well done! Doing a moving centaur back is very difficult and it is done very nicely here. The materials really stuck with me as well, the shine of the material works with the other pieces and the overall build and character.

- Remarks by Minty Poison

Sakura-Con Award pt2022_06_27_20_24_06 - E Mil.jpg


Puyallup, Washington, USA

​“Mettaton EX from Undertale​”

This design was a lot of fun to go over. The overall build is simple but the attention to the armor piece is great as well as the mirror and lighting effect with the heart on the belt. That really stood out to me! I also LOVE the attitude in the photos, the character is really conveyed well in just photos.

- Remarks by Minty Poison

Japan Fair Awards

JF Award inbound1302055975722113488 - DORA ALEXANDRA MONTEIRO FIGUEIREDO.jpg

Dorothy Dare​​

Setúbal​, Portugal


JF Award Denise Sawyer - Amabie costume - D Sawyer.jpg

​Denise Sawyer​​

Federal Way, Washington, USA

​“Amabie - Pandemic Protector!​”

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