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Traditional Kimono


Welcome All Exhibitors!

as of May 31, 2024

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Agape Japanese Language School offers Japanese Language instruction to children ages of 3 all the way to adults. We offer various programs to help students achieve their Japanese Language goals. We also sell authentic Japanese Green Tea and our Green Tea is directly from Kagoshima, Japan. It is authentic and delicious! As we are a non-profit organization, all of our profits just go directly to keep our school running. We hope you can join us for Japanese class or try out our delicious Green Tea!

My style, Japanese Kiri-e (paper cutting) is an ancient art form using a cutting knife and paper rather than a brush and paints.
I like to express the image of the Northwest mature scene with these intricate lines of free hand cutout.
I'm also an award winning children's book illustrator.

We bring the world closer together to inspire infinite possibilities. We are ANA.

Anna Tono is a Japanese-American visual artist based in Seattle creating whimsical illustrations, ethereal dreamscapes, and AAPI-themed artwork.

CHERRYSTONE® offers the most comfortable, functional, and durable slipper socks with timeless design. Shop the unparalleled comfort items for you or as cherished gift items for someone special to simplify, sustainable and enriching life!

Clownfoolerys is a collaborative effort between artists Illumerie and Angel Radio. We strive to make whimsical art inspired by a love of clowns, masquerades, and all things fantastical.

Crystal Angels jewelry is one of a kind.  Included with each piece of jewelry is a label describing the defining characteristics of its primary stone. Designed to "Style + Empower", Crystal Angels Jewelry makes great gifts for those who are very special to you and special gifts for yourself. Please feel free to let me know if you want to find the crystal that matches your energy and needs.

An art design shop inspired by adventures and animation.

Fin & Feather strives to meld together the many aspects that make the PNW unique, from the love of the outdoors to everyone's inner geekiness, with an emphasis on focusing on the use of natural materials.

Hasu-Seizo is a family-owned and operated business based in Seattle that sells handcrafted artisan Japanese knives. Our knives come from a range of Japanese blacksmiths from a variety of prefectures. Our primary knife maker, the Sakai Takayuki brand, is manufactured by our family, blacksmiths, and other master craftsmen in Osaka.

You can find authentic, Japanese-style kawaii art such as stickers, keychains, and pins that bring a smile to your face! You may add a pair or two of our hand-folded origami crane earrings, which are perfect for anyone who loves authentic, Japanese culture!

The Hyogo Business & Cultural Center (HBCC) is an overseas office based in Seattle that seeks to promote the sister state relationship between Hyogo Prefecture and Washington State. This includes tourism promotion, as Hyogo is home to many cultural and adventure-filled destinations.

For over 40 years our family has offered the finest quality, all-natural, artisanal Japanese vegetable snacks, handcrafted with care and love in Kobe, Japan.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines has been serving the high quality service and experience for 70 years. This is our 5th year since launching the Seattle-Narita route and we are excited to be part of Japanese community here in Seattle.

The mission of JASSW is to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of Japan and Washington State by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information.

We have monthly events open to the public so check back often on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, X/Twitter, and LinkedIn) and website for more information!

Thanks to our partnership with WA State Department of Commerce, JASSW delivers resources and technical assistance to small/micro businesses in our community through our Small Business Resiliency Program. We provide information and business education in Japanese that helps our small/micro business community. 
This booth is sponsored by the WA State Department of Commerce and Washington State Labor and Industry.

Jazzine Art sells Japanese anime-inspired art prints, acrylic charms, and an assortment of cute chibi and animal (cats eating ramen) stickers. 

Cherridayys offers products featuring both original artworks and fan art inspired by various Japanese anime and manga. Original artworks includes an original bear character while art depict concepts of slice of life and merchandise include prints, stickers, and acrylic keychains.

Hello! I'm Eileen, a small artist from Hawai'i spreading my lil arts wherever they can go! Stop by to grab some goodies that you'll love- cute chaotic cat stickers, gold ink anime art prints, boba holders, mixed in with charms, stickers, custom apparel, fan art and much much more!

JIA Foundation works to empower Japanese in America, and their families and friends by connecting them to resources, to one another and to the community.
JIA stands for Japanese in America, an acronym. If you have an interest in Japan, everyone is welcome to be a part of the JIA Community! Nationality, ethnicity and race are not factors. 
At JIA Foundation, through seminars and networking events, we aim to create a community where everyone shares their experiences and wisdom, helping each other lead a more fulfilling life in America. Additionally, living in a global era, we support the development of young individuals with diverse identities, who serve as ambassadors of cross-cultural understanding and values.

We are a pair of artists who are both very inspired by Japanese traditional art and love to celebrate it's influences! Jingyu creates art for haori jackets, charms, and jewelry, taking inspiration from the exchange of ancient Chinese and Japanese traditional culture like ink paintings, sculpture, folklore and historical clothing, as well as modern day culture and fashion. 
Locklyn Crafts makes 3D origami, a paper craft with origins and influences from traditional origami.

Kenjinkai were started by our ancestors as a social and support outlet.
Today we continue to share information about our relatives hometown and dome groups have yourh programs to visit their prefecture.

We design and sell our very own kawaii plushies! We also sell lots of genshin impact merch!

Kenjinkai Booth

Kenjinkai were started by our ancestors as a social and support outlet.
Today we continue to share information about our relatives hometown and dome groups have yourh programs to visit their prefecture.

Introducing Koginsashi, a traditional craft from the Tsugaru region of Aomori Prefecture.

MishaCharms is a local artist who likes to create cute things! Come check out cute stickers, pins, and more inspired by Asian culture, anime, and animals!

Founded by Issei pioneer B.D. Mukai in 1926 as a strawberry farm, Mukai Farm & Garden today is on the National Register of Historic places with our rare heritage home, Japanese Garden, and Barreling Plant. Open and free to the public, we celebrate Vashon Island’s Japanese American and agrarian heritage.


Inspired by Asian and Hawaiian cultures, our products are handmade in Washington. We specialize in fabric crafts (lanyards, pouches, plushies, towels, and more), and many of our fabrics are purchased directly in Japan.

North American Post Publishing company publishes the bilingual North American Post and Japanese-language Soy Source twice a month and updates the websites for both publications regularly.

NXN Illustrations is a little shop that to connect with people through cute artwork and brighten up their day by turning adorable illustrations in lifestyle products.

I'm a half Japanese, Seattle based artist that creates magical rabbit themed illustrations, stationery, clothing, books and more, inspired by my cultural background.

Pac West Kimono has been offering a wide range of Japanese apparel for adults and kids, accessories, housewares, etc in North America since 2001.  We are based in Vancouver, Canada but we ship word wide.

MishaCharms is a local artist who draws and creates cute art! Many of her creations include funny food puns, cute animals, and various anime/video game art!

I’m an illustrator from Japan creating cute things to brighten up your day! I create and design all original products of the Kawaii/cute aesthetic. I sell everything from stickers, prints, bookmarks, keychains, coasters, tumblers, totes, pouches, bucket hats and more! I love to create happiness and smiles through my work!

PNW Marketing & Travel, Inc

Marketing for a hotel in Seattle and other locations

JPNTOYS carry Anime toys imported from Japan. We have an online retail shop and also attend various conventions in the United States.

Rainier Ginsha

Rainier Ginsha is a group of persons pursuing the way of Haiku, a part of Japanese culture. Haiku is a short form of poetry of seventeen  letters to express appreciation of nature, change of seasons, life, experiences, emotions, understanding end even philosophy. It was established in Seattle in 1934, continued in Camp during World War II, resumed in Seattle and is still active today. Rainier Ginsha follows the Haiku principles established by Kyoshi Takahama (Hototogisu Haiku). Two to four times a year, members' haikus are sent to Japan to be critiqued by a Hototogisu teacher.

Embark on a journey of Japanese elegance with Rainya, a venture founded by two passionate women. Our collection, a blend of tradition and modernity, features exquisite handcrafted ceramics - from tableware to your home style. Each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and style, perfect for enhancing your home. Explore our unique offerings and add a touch of Japanese sophistication to your everyday.

Japanese culture inspired original hand screen-printed Bags and apparels.

Precisely crafted using only the highest quality ingredients, ROYCE' has been making exquisite, world class confections in Hokkaido (the northernmost island of Japan).

The best source of digital images in Seattle. Fine art photographs taken by Yoshiki Nakamura.

The Seattle Go Center teaches and promotes the Asian game of Go. This 4000 year old strategy board game continues to fascinate players around the world.  Japanese professional Go player, Iwamoto Kaoru Sensei created The Seattle Go Center (SGC) in 1995, purchasing a property in the University District . We are very grateful for the generosity of a Japanese professional Go player, Iwamoto Kaoru and the Nihon Ki-in (the Japanese Go Association to whom Iwamoto Sensei bequeathed SGC).

Open to the public since June 1960, Seattle Japanese Garden is the earliest postwar public construction of a Japanese-style garden on the West coast, and is one of the most highly regarded in North America.

Popular annual events such as Tanabata, Moon Viewing (お月見), Maple Festival(紅葉狩り)bring diverse audiences in to the garden to celebrate the Japanese Arts & Culture.
Our monthly programs include Free First Thursday (free admission all day) and Family Saturday when children under 12 enter the Garden for free till 2pm.

We are an AAPI & Japanese Immigrant owned duo creating enamel pins, stickers, and risograph prints inspired by Japanese heritage and culture.

we design Japanese inspired street style apparel and as well as upcycling vintage countryside garment of Japan.

Simple & Soft offers handmade items such as graphic tumblers, hair scrunchies and apparels that show fun and positive messages. Most of items are inspired by Asian culture.

Discover the charm of Single Sploot, where our Asian American-inspired corgi designs turn everyday items into pockets of happiness. Infuse your life with cultural celebration through our curated range of keychains, magnets, and stickers, each telling a unique story of joy.

SmallRiniLady is a Bellevue local artist that designs cute accessories themed by Japanese Pop Culture and Asian Food.

@ssjadesigns on instagram and TikTok

Sugimoto Tea Company is a third-generation, family-owned and operated tea company that began in Shizuoka, Japan in 1946. They work hard to produce authentic and innovative Japanese green teas that are environmentally friendly, delicious, and beneficial to the lives of tea drinkers and farmers alike.

I’m a Seattle native that started Taigakitten just a year ago to make cute, cozy and sometimes sassy things to bring a bit of extra joy in our lives. I take inspiration from anime and video game fandoms close to my heart, personal experiences and our beloved pets that elevate our lives in such simple ways.

I make fun colorful holographic stickers for decorating as well as smaller gentler stickers for journaling and planning and fanart of my favorite characters! My inspirations include my Y2K childhood, current obsessions, and everyday life!

Winner of the 2022 Eater award for best new omakase restaurant and lauded as, "The Big Opening of the Year in Bellevue" by the Seattle Times, Takai by Kashiba has set the standard for authentic Sushi Omakase fine dining on the Eastside.

tea.faire is all about capturing what I find comfort in as an individual of Asian heritage and native to the Pacific Northwest, and presenting it through different forms of stationary and wearable goods. Through interacting with my art, I hope to inspire feelings of belonging and warmth within the individual, appreciation and wonder towards nature, and acceptance and support of a community. 

PARIPAWS is the one-stop shop for cute and unique merchandise, with the dream of spreading the love for anime, games, and all things funny and cute through art, and the goal of making your day paws-itively shine! Current products offered include fan art and original art prints, various kinds of charms/keychains, stickers (if allowed by the event), greeting cards and postcards, tote and messenger bags.

Tempest-Koahi's Art is a small art business that mainly creates fan-art of various genres. Anime and Japanese culture has always been a big inspiration in my style and has carried me through my business throughout the years I've been working on growing.

We are a Seattle-based artist collective featuring cute and pop art centering on Japanese and other Asian culture.

TOTO luxury plumbing fixtures

We’re a local, family-owned company with a genuine connection to each of the communities we serve. It’s been that way for generations.

When it comes to business, we choose to do it in a way that nourishes the quality of life for our customers, our vendor partners, and our team.

Born to parents from opposite ends of the globe, brothers John and Mo Nakata and their friend Ed Loverich all grew up together on Bainbridge Island. In 1957, their multi-cultural friendship evolved into a business partnership, one that also brought great food from all over together into one new place—the island’s first supermarket.

Two Squirrels and a Nut

A squirrely Japanese American mom making unique and kawaii items for her two kids and the world.

U.S. Jaclean, Inc. is one of the leading health and wellness massage chairs distributors in the United States. Our mission: To improve the health and wellness of Americans through quality products that can be used from the comfort of home.

Eco-Friendly Screenprinted Apparel - organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and more

In 1973, Sensei André Dulce (8th Degree Black Belt) founded the Washington Shotokan Association in Bellevue, Washington after having trained under Kancho Kenneth Funakoshi in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dulce Sensei's friendly teaching style and his love for serving families and the Eastside community led to WSA becoming one of the largest and most successful martial arts schools in the country. What makes Washington Shotokan Association so special is our amazing students and teaching staff. 100 percent of our instructors volunteer their time to teach and "give back" by helping our students achieve their health and martial arts goals. Over our 45 years of serving Bellevue and the Eastside community, we have touched the lives of thousands of students and their families, and have promoted over 100 students to the ranks of Black Belt, including our most senior instructors. Washington Shotokan Association is led by an experienced team of twelve senior instructors (4th degree Black Belts and above), who represent over four centuries of Shotokan Karate Experience. In addition, WSA is affiliated with the worldwide Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association led by Founder Shihan Kyle Funakoshi, son of founder Kancho Kenneth Funakoshi. Many of our students have made WSA their second family and have incorporated the WSA experience into their daily lives and are amazing people.

We are an association of people from Kyoto or lived in Kyoto. We exchange information among members to build friendship and promote culture and businesses from Kyoto.

Discover the essence of Japanese craftsmanship with our exclusive online collection. We offer a sophisticated range of handmade tableware, including dinnerware sets, one-of-a-kind vases, stylish cups, plates, and bowls. Each piece is a testament to the skill of Japanese artists. We also offer a combination of machine and handmade professional-use tableware. 
Our modern, elegant designs are not just made in Japan; they bring a piece of Japanese artistry into your home. Experience the blend of tradition and contemporary style with our exquisite dinnerware sets. Join us in celebrating the beauty of Japan!

Artist with plenty of Shiba Inu goods, as with some fanart (mostly FFXIV)

Yuzuuem & Saku.ra_1205

Em and Sakura, two Seattle-based Instagram artists and college students who love watching anime, reading manga, playing Japanese games, and drawing.


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