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Thank you for Submitting Cosplay Photos and Videos!

Cosplay Show Special Awards 2021

Sakura-Con Awards

Shelby Yin Bellossom Pokemon - Susan Yin.jpg

Bellevue, Washington, USA

Shelby Yin

Bellossom Pokemon in Garden

Comment from Sakura-Con:

Seeing all the different creative ways people cosplay non-human characters is one of my favorite parts of any cosplay event! I love this Bellosom, the spirit of the pokemon really shines through.

20180331_183106 - D Sawyer.jpg

Federal Way, Washington, USA

Denise Sawyer

The Crane Wife
(traditional Japanese mythology)   

Comment from Sakura-Con:

Oh! A beautiful cosplay,  and seeing the Sakura-Con exhibits hall in the background brings back such memories.

Japan Fair Awards

inbound7945592502358711791 - Christian.jpg

Yakima, Washington, USA

Christian & Shaylee

Peter and Gwen from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

1 - Grey K.jpg

Ypsilanti, Michigan, SUA


Magic Armor Link from The Legend of Zelda

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