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Welcome All Exhibitors!

as of July 3rd

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Agape Japanese Language School is a Japanese Language School for ages 4 and above. We also offer Japanese Green Tea that is directly from Kagoshima, Japan.

Paper Cutting is an ancient art form that began in China and Europe. I started to introduce this paper cutting to the Northwest in 1978 and now my works are included in the collections of many corporations, organizations and universities. My public art is installed in the Pike Place Market and Uwajimaya Village in Seattle. I'm also children's book illustrator.

ANA is the Japan's largest airline and we have a daily flight from Seattle to Haneda, a center of Tokyo with our vast Japan domestic network. 
We celebrated our 10th anniversary of Seattle-Tokyo route last year and appreciated your continuous support. We are looking forward to many more great years to serve in this community and hoping to see you at the airport. 

Our goal is to create a continuous learning environment in which children of all ages can explore and learn the Chinese or Japanese language. At APLS, we believe that each child can learn and master a second language. The gift of a second language will give our children an advantage for future opportunities in the globalized society.

Baz specializes in unique customized handcrafted chopsticks made from exotic woods from around the world. We operate a zero waste sustainable business to utilize every bit of wood and upcycle all that mother nature grew into wooden art.

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Explore Japan's #1 Child GPS tracker, BoT Talk, and engage in family fun, and win delightful prizes!

Tankokai Seattle Association is non-profit organization serving the Chado Urasenke practitioners and those interested in Chado.

Here at CHERRYSTONE® by MARKET TO JAPAN, we bring you quality, made in Japan lifestyle items that enrich your everyday life.

We have been serving retail markets and restaurants with premium imported beer, wine, sake, and distilled spirits.
Co-Ho Imports has been in the alcoholic beverage distribution business since 2004 and serve our customers in four states including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.

The Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle is the official representative of the Government of Japan in Washington State, Northern Idaho and Montana. The Consulate strives to strengthen bonds of mutual friendship and understanding between Japan and its neighbors in the Northwest.

Crystal Angels Jewelry offers a wide variety of original jewelry pieces, all crafted by hand locally using energetically cleansed crystals: from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings to key chains and charms for the car and home. Included with each piece of jewelry is a label describing the defining characteristics of its primary stone. 

Handcrafted, vegan, coconut soy wax blend candles decorated with rose quartz bring you love

Hand crafted wood/concrete home decor and jewelry! Inspired by the natural beauty experienced while exploring the PNW and Japan, namely Yakushima island

Fukushima Kenjinkai & Kenjinkai Clubs


Handwoven goods, art and weaving workshops

At Hasu-Seizo, our aspiration is to serve as a connection between the rich heritage of Japanese traditional craftsmanship, refined over centuries, and our cherished customers. Our mission is to curate a selection of Japanese knives and products that enable you to truly witness, experience, and appreciate the training and expertise possessed by these skilled artisans. 

Are you looking for kawaii-style art to express yourself? Get yourself some authentic, kawaii-style Japanese stickers, keychains, and more!

The Hyogo Business & Cultural Center is a Seattle-based organization that is dedicated to facilitating the sister-state relationship between Washington State and Japan's Hyogo Prefecture

Ikebana International is a non-profit cultural organization to dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement. Our motto is "Friendship through Flowers.

Japan Airlines, known as JAL, was established on 1951 and is the longest serving airline at Japan.

Thanks to partnership with WA State Department of Commerce, JASSW delivers resources and technical assistance to small/micro businesses in our community through our Small Business Resiliency Program. We are providing information and business education in Japanese that helps our small/micro business community.


  • Beans Eight Roasters

  • Great Rice

  • Ikebana Mikoto

  • International Learning

  • Miki's Ceramics

  • Mindful Planet. Inc.

  • Miwakit

  • OnlyWan


  • Umai Imports / Sake Drop

  • Upright Tree Coffee Roasters


  • シアトル四つ葉学院

JIA Foundation works to empower Japanese in America, and their families and friends by connecting them to resources, to one another and to the community.

Keiro Northwest

Keiro Northwest is a nonprofit organization providing culturally competent elder care.


Seattle Fukushima Club meets on the 3rd Sunday of January (January 21, 2024) to celebrate the New Year!  We will meet at Terry's Kitchen in Bellevue at 1pm.    The local kenjinkai's get together for different events during the year.  Most clubs have a New Year's Party.  Some clubs have picnics and other activities.


Okinawa Kenjin Kai of Washington State

Seattle-Tacoma Fukuoka Kenjinkai

Seattle Hiroshima Club

KIMONO ART / NPO I love 幸の会

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Ancient Grounds is a downtown Seattle gallery that features Japanese architectural elements as well as all forms of kimono, plus tribal and ethnographic art from diverse cultures from around the world.


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MishaCharms is a local artist who draws and creates cute art! Many of her creations include funny food puns, cute animals, and various anime/video game art!

Nefertiti Holistic's is a metaphysical boutique specializing in crystal carvings and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. We offer a fun and exciting variety of crystals and metaphysical tools to help you to live more intentionally, manifest the life you want, raise your vibrations and the vibrations of those around you. These stones have been cleansed and charged for optimal metaphysical healing...not to mention these gifts will last a lifetime. Whether you believe in the power of stones or just admire their beauty, we have something for everyone. Heal yourself with a gift from Nefertiti Holistic's today.

Bicultural & Bilingual financial services professionals helping the Japanese Community

The mission of the Nisei Veteran Committee (NVC) is to promote and protect the American way of life as guaranteed and set forth by the Constitution of the United States (Note: Nisei is a second-generation Japanese American.)
The Nisei Veterans Committee Foundation’s (NVCF) mission is to preserve and honor the Japanese American legacies and to provide community programs that meet the broader community’s educational, charitable, cultural, and social needs. There is a military museum, which further tells the story of the
WWII American of Japanese ancestry soldier and other veterans of succeeding generations in the history of the United States. The NVCF manages a Memorial Wall, which is in tribute to veterans and those of Japanese ancestry who were incarcerated during World War II. The NVC Memorial Hall hosts a range of community activities
and events. The NVC Memorial Hall displays artifacts and personal items of those incarcerated during WWII and tours are available upon request.

I am an Illustrator from Japan, creating cute things to brighten up your day! All of my products are original designs created by me, my goal is to incite happiness and smiles through my work!

North American Post has been publishing news for the Japanese American community since 1902. Its sister publication, Soy Source, has been providing Japanese-language information and articles on the PNW for over 30 years.

Agape Japanese Language School is a Japanese Language School for ages 4 and above. We also offer Japanese Green Tea that is directly from Kagoshima, Japan.

Online children's clothing and accessories boutique. Specializes in organic and Japanese cotton.

PNW Marketing & Travel, Inc

We market top resort hotel brand in Seattle.

Punching Pandas is the cute and humorous creation of local artist Nolen Lee. These pudgy pandas with a penchant for punching will bring laughter and excitement for all ages. What began as a silly name has grown into a colorful collection of art, children's books, pins, and even chochin lanterns from Japan! Learn more about the pandas at

Rainier Ginsha

short form of poetry of seventeen letters to express appreciation of nature, change of seasons, life, experiences, emotions, understanding end even philosophy. It was established in Seattle in 1934, continued in Camp during World War II, resumed in Seattle and is still active today. Rainier Ginsha follows the Haiku principles established by Kyoshi Takahama (Hototogisu Haiku). Two times a year, members' haikus are sent to Japan to be critiqued by a Hototogisu teacher. Online and Zoom Haiku meetings are held at first Saturday every month. 

Inspired by my favorite Retro Japanese motifs reinterpreted into Japanese Pop Clothing and Bags. my items are hand screen-printed Wearable Art for both Adult and Children. Some are cute (kawaii), others have old-style Japanese kanji characters with cool designs.

Precisely crafted using only the highest quality ingredients, ROYCE' has been making exquisite, world class confections in Hokkaido

(the northernmost island of Japan).

We are a community dedicated to the study and practice of Nichiren Buddhism here in the greater Seattle area.

The Seattle Go Center teaches and promotes the Asian game of Go. This 4000 year old strategy board game continues to fascinate players from around the world. The Seattle Go Center was established in 1995, with its own building in the University District of Seattle, thanks to the generosity of a Japanese professional Go player, Iwamoto Kaoru and the Nihon Ki-in (the Japanese Go Association). It is now self-supporting.

Open to the public since June 1960, Seattle Japanese Garden is the earliest postwar public construction of a Japanese-style garden on the West coast, and is one of the most highly regarded in North America. Tucked within a vast arboretum in a fast-growing city, the garden attracts over 100,000 visitors annually and is beloved both locally and by garden-lovers around the world. Popular annual events such as Tanabata, Moon Viewing (お月見), Maple Festival(紅葉狩り)bring diverse audiences in to the garden to celebrate the Japanese Arts & Culture.

We are a Japanese Immigrant and Fil-Am owned small business creating pins, prints, stickers and more inspired by our authentic culture and heritage!

We design Japanese inspired apparel such as noragi, cotton pants and skirts. In aditional, we also uncycle vintage Japanese garment like hanten, indigo noragi and boro textile.

Designs by SmallRiniLady, papercuts, upcycled manga wallets, Kokeshi keychains, cute enamel pins

Kawaii handmade soap and bath bombs that are bakery inspired. I also sell hair clips that have kawaii aesthetic.

Art, stationary, stickers, and enamel pins in Sailor Moon, Marvel and cute cat maids.


CYCtheshop is a line of small batch collections made to practice constant creativity.

Sugimoto Tea Company is a third-generation, family-owned and operated tea company that began in Shizuoka, Japan in 1946. They work hard to produce authentic and innovative Japanese green teas that are environmentally friendly, delicious, and beneficial to the lives of tea drinkers and farmers alike.

Takai by Kashiba brings high-end Omakase style sushi to downtown Bellevue. With a ten seat Omakase sushi counter, intimate dining room, and a secret Japanese whisky bar, Takai by Kashiba serves authentic, traditional Japanese cuisine with a world class beverage program and fine dining service. Irrashaimase!

We are a Seattle-based artist collective featuring cute and pop art centering on Asian culture.

We are a Japanese publisher of educational materials. We produce and distribute teaching materials developed by teachers of TOSS, the largest teacher research organization in Japan. At JapanFair, we plan to introduce teaching materials for special needs education as well as traditional Japanese teaching materials.

TOTO is the largest luxury Plumbing Manufacturer in the world. We will have on display some of our luxury toilets and Washlets at the show. We will also have Bellevue Plumbing representatives in our booth if someone should need to purchase or install our products. 

Treasure Hunt


Two Squirrels and a Nut

Two Squirrels and a Nut started off as a fun project for a mom to make cute things for her young daughter. Inspired by colorful Japanese & Asian textiles. This project grew and grew, along with my not so little girl who is now in college. All items are handmade and one of a kind, I hope the buyer enjoys them as much as my daughter.

U.S. Jaclean, Inc. is one of the leading health and wellness massage chairs distributors in the United States. Our mission: To improve the health and wellness of Americans through quality products that can be used from the comfort of home.

Washington Shotokan Association is a non-profit organization that has served the Eastside community for over 45 years teaching thousands of students the traditions of Shotokan Karate, while providing a safe and respectful environment for learning. We offer classes in Bellevue, and at the Issaquah or South Bellevue Community Center. Our instructors are very experienced and offer a personable, sensitive, funny, and optimistic approach to life. You will find their teaching styles both unique and inspirational. We offer on-going classes throughout the school year, month to month agreements, classes throughout summer, no-competition open door policies and a friendly, yet serious atmosphere.

Washoku by Suetsugu


WAZA Tokyo offer exquisite Japanese tableware that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Japan. In addition to showcasing our beautiful and high-quality products, we provide an immersive experience that takes visitors beyond just purchasing items. Through live demonstrations, informative displays, and artist insights, we offer visitors the opportunity to delve into the captivating world of Japanese pottery and tea culture. Our multifaceted approach provides an engaging and enriching experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Washington State Kyoto People's Association is a fellowship for people who are from or have lived in Kyoto Prefecture and currently reside in Washington State. The group is designed to enhance personal relationships through the exchange of information and cultural exchange.

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