【Throwback Thursday】JBA Flea Market 蚤の市

【Throwback Thursday】JBA Flea Market 蚤の市

Every year at Aki Matsuri and at Japan Fair 2016, Japan Business Association of Seattle (JBAS) hosted a flea market. Many people stopped by the market to get their hands on the books and goods that JBAS made available.

Even though the flea market was well known to the visitors of Aki Matsuri, many people don't know the organization running the market and what they do besides the flea market.

"[Japan Business Association of Seattle (Shunju Club)] is a membership organization comprised of Japanese businesses and their supporters. The mission of [JBAS] is to foster friendship among its members, to enhance their children's education, and to promote economic relations among its members and the local community by deepening mutual understanding." (JBA of Seattle Website)

To let the public know what JBAS is about, they have decided to set up booths with a variety of companies that are part of JBAS. Although the flea market won't be held anymore, there will be a line up of Japanese businesses from JBAS to present the large impact they have on the aircraft industry. Stay tuned for the details on what businesses will be showing up at Japan Fair 2017!