Market Place

To present new and fascinating hot items and products from Japan through various markets.

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Edo Woodblocks

Ron Valle’s captivation with Japanese Woodblock Prints (Ukiyo-E) began when he purchased his first prints at an antique shop during his first year living in Japan. He now lives in Shanghai with his wife and daughter. They return to the US each summer to share what they know about Edo period Japan and the amazing art form that is Ukiyoe.





HEIANDO AMERICA / Fran's Chocolates

HEIANDO AMERICA, Exclusive U.S. distributor of Yamada Heiando's traditional Urushi lacquerware. Heiando, a proud purveyor of tableware to the Japanese Imperial Household, is known for top-level craftsmanship for nearly 100 years. Fran's Chocolates is a family-owned, Seattle-based company celebrating over 30 years of creating premium, artisan chocolates






Hello Sushi Store

Hello Sushi Store is a one stop gift shop for sushi and other Asian food-inspired merchandise. We are known for quality products with cute and vibrant designs. All products use original artwork by Kanagi Design that is exclusive to Hello Sushi.






Online boutique for babies and kids up to 5T. Panda caters for everyday wear, even clothing for parties along with footwear and accessories.